Favorite White Photo Frames

White Photo Frames

I used to frame everything in simple black frames with white mats. Such a nice modern gallery style and it was super easy because black frames are everywhere. But my style is so light and airy it just seemed as though the dark frames were weighing things down.

Then I tried a white frame.

And what a difference! White frames definitely took my art, and my home, to the next level, making the prints and the room happier, breezier, and slightly more feminine. Plus the art seemed designed, as though the frames were chosen to compliment my decor and art.

Now, white photo frames don’t work everywhere, and they definitely don’t work with every piece of art, but they look fantastic on a pale gray wall (think modern coastal) with photographs that are light or brightly colored. The big downfall is that white picture frames aren’t easy to find, so I put together a collection of some of my favorites to help make it easier for you {and me} the next time art needs to be hung.

White Photo Frames

1 –  White Wood Gallery Frame // 2 – White Gallery Frames // 3 – Profile Wide Frame in White // 4 – Gallery White Picture Frame // 5 – Virserum Frame White // 6 – Ribba Frame White // 7 – Profile Frame in White // 8 – Fiskbo Frame // 9 – White Oversized Gallery Frame // 10 – Ridge Distressed Gallery Frames

Which is your favorite? Where do you like to get your white frames from? And where do you like to use them? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below.