Favourite Rooms to Hang Art

Darlings, you’re not going to believe this. I asked four friends on Instagram which was their favourite rooms to hang art in and their answers weren’t what I was expecting.

I was thinking I’d hear all about how everyone likes to hang art in the living room because of that space on the wall above the sofa, or in the bedroom because who doesn’t love art above the bed. But I only heard one of those. Once.

Two people did give the same answer, and if you ask me me, it’s the best! Scroll down read them all!

The Entry or Dining Room

Favourite Rooms to Hang Art - Laura Erin Home

Art is such a fun and inspiring way to set the mood of your home from the moment you arrive, so I wasn’t surprised by Laura’s favourite room to hang art.

“The entry or dining room,” says Laura at Laura Erin Home. “They’re my favourite rooms to design. I love these spaces because I feel like they can be more representative of our personality and bring a wow factor. Art can surely do that and be in many forms!”

Living Room

Favourite Rooms to Hang Art - Dwell Aware

“Probably in the living area is my fav!” says Amanda of Dwell Aware. When you’ve got that large area above the fireplace and those shelves to work with, why wouldn’t it be?!

Every Room!

Favourite Rooms to Hang Art - Design by Dama

Now you know I’m not going to argue when someone says their favourite room to hang art in is all of them, but it still took me by surprise when Jennifer at Design by DAMA responded with “Every room! 😜”.

Favourite Rooms to Hang Art - House of Wahls

Then I had to laugh when Tara at House of Wahls said “Every room in the house with a wall 🤣🙌🏻”

I’d have to agree. All walls need art. Unless those walls aren’t walls at all and are giant windows, then you need to invite me over for wine and chocolate and we’ll watch the world go by.

If you’ve got a room that needs art, definitely check out my beach, abstract, and travel photographs to get you started. If you’ve got a specific spot in mind you can browse by vertical and horizontal prints too.

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