February 2023 Wallpaper with Calendar

True or false: Your phone’s wallpaper can make a huge impact. Sure, while the power typically lies inside you, I also believe in the power of visualization! Which is why I love the moment of zen I feel every time I see this gorgeous mountain photograph on my screen.

While it may not make life-shattering changes, I’m truly honoured to be able to help you relax even the tiniest little bit. I feel so lucky ☺️ Scroll down to get your February 2023 wallpaper now!

It’s part of my new collection that’s coming out in a couple weeks, join my Sneak Peek Society to be the first to see them when they’re released.

February 2023 Wallpaper

Regular Screens (3072 x 1920 pixels) – this is the one that most of you want

Wide Screens (6016 x 3584 pixels)

I’ve also put together an iPhone wallpaper so you can take a little bit of these calming mountain vibes with you wherever you go.

Love these wallpapers? Be sure to tap the iPhone wallpaper image above and join my Sneak Peek Society, that way you’ll get them sent to you at the start of every month.

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