Fine Art Landscape Photograph – Beausoleil Breeze

Beausoleil Island Landscape Photograph - Beausoleil Breeze

Beausoleil Island Landscape Photograph - Beausoleil Breeze

Beausoleil Breeze, Fine Art Landscape Photograph

After our early morning photograph on Christian Beach we had breakfast and met with Victoria from the park and talked about possible seascape locations for the week. We spent the entire afternoon checking out locations on the central east side of the island, slowly pulling together our shooting schedule for the week.

Over dinner at our cabin we worked out the details for our evening photograph. We had to pack up our gear so it could all be carried on our backs while we bicycled back to the other side of the island. I’m so glad we’re able to travel so light! It really did make things a lot easier.

We biked the 15 minutes or so back to the other side of the island where we’d seen this beautiful piece of pinkish Canadian Shield curve downward toward the lake and some grassy reeds. The light breeze combined with the long camera exposure captured the gentle movement of the swaying grass. Such a gorgeous evening.

We finished photographing just before 9pm, more than a half hour after sunset, packed up our equipment and headed home. In the dark. On bicycles.

Let me just take a moment here to say that Darren is AWESOME! It was very dark on the island at night, there were no area lights and our bicycles weren’t equipped with headlamps. So in order to get home Darren rode in front of me with the tripod on his back, one hand on his handlebars, and the other holding our flashlight so we could see the path. The bumpy-rocky-rutty-winding-hilly-and-for-80%-of-our-ride-through-the-woods path. It was pitch black. Like can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face black. In front of me Darren was a solid black silhouette against the small beam of the flashlight that lit the ground three feet in front of him. And did I mention we were in bear country? Ya. Let’s just say it was a terrifying and nerve racking ride.

Little did we know how many times we’d be repeating that trip.

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