Fine Art Landscape Photograph – Enfold

Enfold - Fine Art Landscape Photograph

Enfold - Fine Art Landscape Photograph

Enfold, Fine Art Landscape Photograph

We were up early the Saturday we were on Beausoleil Island, making photographs and enjoying the beautiful landscape we were lucky enough to be submerged in for an entire week. The weather was finally calm and the sky was filled with big puffy clouds, which always makes the wee hours of the morning a lot more bearable.

It ended up being quite a busy day with photography at both dawn and dusk plus our first Meet and Greet at the park’s Visitor Centre.

5:15 am – wake up call

5:30 am – set up and begin photographing on the beach just outside our cabin in pre-sunrise light

6:25 am – sunrise, photography complete

6:30 am – back up memory cards to the iPad

6:45 am – nap, up late the night before creating Beausoleil Breeze

9:30 am – breakfast, called my Mom about her visit the next day, hand wash laundry in a bowl of water, dishes

11:30 am – lunch

Noon – bike across the island to shower

1:00-3:oo pm – Meet and Greet at the Visitor’s Centre

3:00 pm – location scout at Finger Point and Thumb Point

5:30 pm – bicycled back to our cabin on the other side of the island for dinner

7:00 pm – bicycle across the island to the old port for dusk photographs

7:20 pm – arrive at location, set up and begin photographing Enfold

8:19 pm – sunset, continue photographing

9:30 pm – another intense bicycle ride back to our cabin, ended up walking half of it because it was so dark

10:15 pm – back up memory cards to the iPad

10:45 pm – tucked into bed

Do you ever visit artists when they host Meet and Greets? Have you ever had a job where you worked a split shift? How did you manage it?

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