My Journey as a Fine Art Photographer

Fine Art Photographer - Jennifer Squires

Fine Art Photographer - Jennifer Squires

Thirteen years ago I gave up my then-dream-job as a producer and first photography assistant at an advertising photography studio in Toronto, packed my bags, moved to London, and started my journey to become a fine art photographer.

That job taught me the ins and outs of good, clean design. The dreamy way colour creates mood. How soothing a clean, minimal photograph can be.

But the city hadn’t been kind. I was a small town girl looking yearning to lead a simpler, less stressful life that didn’t involve keeping up with the Jones’ or continuing to add things to my already overstuffed schedule.

Then I met Darren.

He’s patient, kind, silly, and relaxed. Plus he had a guitar and a motorcycle. And he knew how to use both.

So with love in my heart I started a wonderful, happy, calmer new chapter of my life.

I started by creating simplistic photographs of winter scenes…

Black and White Tree Prints - Tree in Winter

And I photographed flowers with a light, airy glow…

Flower Photography - Peony 16

I dabbled in travel photography { and to be honest, I’d love to do more } …

Greece Travel Photographer

Eventually I found ease and melted away my stress at the beach…

Landscape Prints - Kettle Point #1

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the calming, meditative effects of abstract photography, plus they’re sooo much fun to make…

Ocean Beach Decor - Allison's Smile

Art has such an amazing power to make people see and feel in new ways. When I start my day watching the sunrise while I stand alone on a quiet beach, it’s magical, uplifting, and really healthy for my soul.

And I’d love for you to find that same quiet beauty when you look at my photographs.




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  1. Melissa says:

    When were you photographing that winter tree? was it on your blog? It looks very familiar. I signed up for your sneak peek list in January of 2013 but I’m sure I was reading your blog before that? 8*)

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