First Morning on Beausoleil Island

It was crazy windy our first morning on Beausoleil Island. When the alarm clock went off at 5:15 am I wasn’t sure if it was the wind or if it was pouring rain. We quickly got dressed, grabbed the photography gear that we packed the night before, and made a stop at the “washroom” as we walked in the dark down to the spot on the beach where we’d decided to photograph that morning.

It’s often windy on the west side of the island causing a seiche, which basically means the wind blows the water to one side of the lake, and since our side of the island faced out into the vastness of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron the water level varied greatly during our week there. We never did get used to the weather difference from one side of the island to the other. We’d often leave our cabin bundled up in sweaters and windbreakers only to arrive on the other side where the air was calm, people were sunbathing, and the water was warm.

The walk back to our cabin after our dawn photography session was beautiful, still really windy but in a way that was glorious and fresh at the first light of day. We boiled a kettle to make oatmeal, backed up our photographs to the iPad, and spent some time exploring Christian Beach.

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