food – beautiful on so many levels

butter dish

Darren and I recently spent a weekend in Toronto checking out the Contact 2009 Photography Festival.  Our most favourite exhibit from our trip was Reverence of Food by Edmund Rek at Pantry on College Street.  We both enjoyed the simple beauty of these food photographs and the slightly journalistic style he used.  Food – beautiful on so many levels!

butter dish

While we were in the city we had a quick visit with friends of ours, one of whom made us this perfect pottery butter dish.  And boy are we crazy about it!  Darren and I have been looking for a square butter dish for quite some time now, and to have one that is made just for us by such a close friend is perfect!  Thanks Carren!  Your work of art graces our lives with honour!

2 thoughts on “food – beautiful on so many levels

  1. lisa h. says:

    I love your butter dish, it’s perfect! The handle actually reminds me of the way hard butter curls up when you drag a knife or spoon over it.
    Do you have square blocks of butter, or do you press the butter into the dish to fit?

    • jennifer says:

      Glad you like our butter dish too! The butter we buy comes as a 454 g (1 pound) rectangle, so we slice off a slab and leave it in our new dish on the counter so it’s always soft and spreadable. Is that how butter is purchased in your area?

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