Food Photography – Ottawa’s ByWard Market

Food Photography - Berries

Food Photography - Berries

Over the summer Darren and I had the opportunity to spend a few relaxing and inspiring days in Ottawa. We had a fantastic time visiting museums and art galleries, spending an afternoon at a spa, and making new friends.

We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel right in the ByWard Market, which meant lots of yummy treats just outside our doorstep and maybe a few too many pastry filled breakfasts. But that’s what holidays are all about! Plus I got to brush up on some food photography, which tends to be more of a winter sport for me. I always feel really energized after popping into a market, all I want to do is go home and make enormous amounts of delicious food.

What are your favourite sources for new recipes?

  • Is there a magazine that you subscribe to?
  • A website that you have bookmarked?
  • Or do you have a favourite celebrity chef that inspires you?
  • A cookbook that you can’t live without?

I love food and I’m always looking for new dishes and treats, so please share your favourite references in the comments section below.

Food Photography - Zucchinis

Food Photography - Veggies

Food Photography - Strawberries

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