four ports, a point, and a saint

map - london to long point, ontario

map - london to long point, ontario

The weather here last week was a glorious early taste of spring! Temperatures reached 12C (54F) – the seasonal temps for this time of year are typically closer to 8C (47F). There were even a few days of beautiful sunshiny skies to go with it! So I took the opportunity to scout out some new photography locations along the shore of Lake Erie.

Last Wednesday I could have been found driving county roads 24 + 42 from Port Stanley to St. Williams, Ontario with stops in Port Bruce, Port Burwell, Long Point, and Port Rowan.

I was really excited to go to Long Point to scout locations for future minimalist imagery; from what I have seen online there are a few spots that will suit my needs. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough research before I set out for the day. It turns out that Long Point is a Provincial Park and doesn’t open until May 14th.

Still it was a fantastic day for a drive along the lakeside and many notes have been made about future photography timeframes.

Stats for the day:

  • 300 km traveled
  • 7 hours
  • 0 “usable” images captured, although many locations were found

So what’s next? Well, I’ll be returning to Port Bruce one evening (hopefully this week) for a picnic dinner with Darren and some quiet seascape photographs.

Do you like to hear about what goes on behind the scenes of our photographs? Or is the hard work assumed and you’d rather just see more new images?

2 thoughts on “four ports, a point, and a saint

  1. Sylvia says:

    I love hearing the backround info – and have made this same trip a few times! In fact, on my first trip out to Long Point I had no idea it was a park and not open yet, so thanks for the reminder! Knowing me, I’d head back out there and be surprised all over again.

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