Framing Photography – 11×14 Prints

11x14 photograph in a 16x20 frame - Lake Ontario #6

11x14 photograph in a 16x20 frame - Lake Ontario #6

Lake Ontario #6 11×14 framed to 16×20

Continuing from last week’s post about how to frame an 8×10 photograph, let’s look at all the readily available DIY ways to frame an 11×14. We typically frame our 11×14 inch images in 16×20 frames, it adds a nice weight to the piece and these standard sizes are available at most of the usual places.


Black's Frames for 11x14 PhotographsBlack’s {left to right} – Poster Frame 16×20 (Nickel), Manhattan 11×14/16×20 Frame

{Visit for more frames}


Michaels frames for 11x14 photographs

Michaels {left to right} – 16×20 Gallery Frame with Double 11×14 Float Mats, Home Collection White Wood Frame*

*Available in store as a 16×20 frame, shown in opening photograph

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Ikea frames for 11x14 photographs

Ikea {left to right} – Virserum 40×50 cm, Ribba 50×70 cm

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Umbra frames for 11x14 photographs

Umbra {left to right} – Motif 11×14, Madison 16×20 

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Target frames for 11x14 photographs

Target {left to right} – Poster Frame 16×20, Urban Flat Frame – Black (16×20″) 

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West Elm

West Elm frame for an 11x14 photograph

West Elm – 16×20

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Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel frame for an 11x14 photograph

Crate & Barrel – Structure Multi-Mat Frame

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Like all frames, be sure to double check the size before you make your purchase since some companies label their frames with the dimensions of the glass while others use the size of the mat opening.

Because these frames are slightly on the large some companies don’t use glass and instead opt for plexiglass to make them lighter and more durable. Look over the frame carefully to make sure it’s going to work for you.

And if you buy a frame that needs a mat Michaels offers pre-cut window mats.

Where to Hang an 11×14 Photograph

11×14 photographs look best when hung in a small to medium size space such as a powder room or hallway, vertical pieces are nice above an end table or night stand, horizontal pieces can be hung as a pair above a bed, or either orientation will fit well as part of a larger grouping.

We have a horizontal 11×14 in a 16×20 frame hung next to a vertical 8×10 in an 11×14 frame above our bed.

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