Framing Photography – 16×20 Prints

16x20 photograph in a 20x24 frame

16x20 photograph in a 20x24 frame

Lake Erie #9, 16×20 landscape photograph in a 20×24 frame

Yikes! Look at those squinty eyes! Clearly I don’t do well out in the summer without sunglasses on. Oh well, you get the point.

So far we’ve covered where to get frames for 8×10 and 11×14 photographs, this week we’ll be looking at 16x20s. We like to use 20×24 inch frames or even larger if we can find it, leaving a nice, beefy mat around the image.

As the photograph gets larger it also gets harder to find store-bought frames in the right size and many people choose to have their piece custom framed. Plus art of this size can get unwieldy so it is a good idea to hand the task over to a trained professional.

For those who like a challenge, here are some frames that will happily fit 16×20 photographs.


Michaels 16x20 Frame

Michaels – Home Collection Black Studio Frame, available in store as 20×30, 22×28, and 24×30, and may require custom matting.

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Ikea 16x20 Frames

Ikea {left to right} – Virserum 50×70 cm, Ribba 50×70 cm, Fjallsta 50×70 cm

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Umbra 16x20 Frame

Umbra – Madison 16×20, remove matting and a 16×20 print will fill the whole frame.

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West Elm

West Elm 16x20 Frame

West Elm – 30×40

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Target 16x20 Frames

Target {left to right} – Poster Frame 16×20 (remove mat, and image will fill the entire frame), Home Estate Poster Frame

Double check frame size before making your purchase, some companies list measurements for the window mat while others give the dimensions for the frame itself.

Many frames of this size use plexiglass instead of glass because it’s lighter, making it easier to hang. Look it over carefully to make sure the glazing is going to work for you.

And if you need a mat, Michaels has pre-cut window mats in a variety of sizes, so check there before you get one custom cut.

Where to Hang a 16×20 Photograph

16×20 photographs look good hanging in larger spaces such as above a loveseat, chair, bed or sideboard. Two vertical images can hang side by side in matching frames on an even bigger wall.

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