Framing Photography – 20×24 Prints

Dick Blick Frames for 20x24 Photographs

I really like to frame my 20×24 photographs to at least 24×30 inches, that is, if I’m buying a standard size frame and doing it myself. But I much prefer custom framing for images larger than 11×14. Big pictures can be difficult to handle making it easier to get kinked plus if you use a professional framer you can opt for a nice wide mat and there are many more choices for frames. If you’ve chosen to do it yourself there isn’t a huge selection out there but here are some to get you started.

Dick Blick

Dick Blick Frames for 20x24 Photographs

Dick Blick {left to right, top to bottom} – Blick Gallery Metal Frame 24×30, Blick Gallery Bamboo Frame 24×30, Blick Metro Frame 24×30, Blick Essentials Wood Frame 24×30, Blick 5″ Simplon Frame 20×24 or 24×30


Miscellaneous frames for 20x24 photographs

{left to right} – West Elm 20×200 Frame 30×40, Michaels Home Collection Black Studio Frame 24×30, Ikea Virserum 70×100 cm

All frames shown here will require additional matting, check Michaels first before you get one custom cut.

As always, double check frame size before making your purchase, some companies list measurements for the window mat while others give the dimensions for the frame itself.

Many frames of this size use plexiglass instead of glass because it’s lighter, making it easier to hang. Look it over carefully to make sure the glazing is going to work for you.

Where to Hang a 20×24 Photograph

20×24 photographs look great hanging in large spaces such as above a couch, bed, or sideboard.

You can see our recent suggestions for framing other standard sizes here: 8×1011×14, and 16×20 inch photographs.

You can begin your quest for a peaceful 20×24 photograph in our landscape photography shop.

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