Framing Photography – 8×10 Prints

8x10 framed to 11x14, with black frame and white mat

8x10 framed to 11x14, with black frame and white mat

Elviage Pearl 8×10 framed to 11×14

8×10 photographs (20×25 cm) can be framed quickly, easily, and inexpensively using readily available off the shelf frames and mats. We typically recommend an 11×14 frame for your 8×10 prints, they’re easy to find and typically come with a pre-cut mat. A 16×20 frame can be quite eye-catching with a nice wide mat, plus it’s an inexpensive alternative to larger artwork. Lately I’ve been hanging our 8x10s in a 12×16 frame, they aren’t as common as some of the other sizes and they require a custom mat to be cut, but I like the extra inch or two of mat that it leaves around my image.

Here are some of our favourite frames for 8×10 photographs from Black’s, Michaels, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Umbra, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and CB2.


Black's 8x10 Picture FramesBlack’s {left to right} – Coliseum Frame 8×10Manhattan 8×10/11×14 FrameNexxt Classic 8×10/11×14 Pewter Frame

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Michaels 11x14 frames for 8x10 photographsMichaels {left to right} – White Beadboard Frame11×14 Gallery Frame with Double 8×10 Float MatsReflections Frame

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Ikea frames for 8x10 photographsIkea {left to right} – Fjallsta 30×40 cm, Virserum 30×40 cm, Ribba 30×40 cm

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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn 8x10 FramesPottery Barn {left to right} – Wood Gallery Oversized Mat Frame 25×25, Wood Gallery Frame 8×10, Lee Gallery Frame 8×10

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Umbra 8x10 framesUmbra {left to right} – Metal Document FrameMotifDocument Wall Frame

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West Elm

West Elm 8x10 FramesWest Elm {left to right} – 14×1711×1416×20

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Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel 8x10 framesCrate & Barrel {left to right} – Berwyn 8×10 Grey FrameBrushed Silver 8×10 Wall FrameFormat 8×10 Frame

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CB2 8x10 framesCB2 {left to right} – Float Frame 10.5×14.75, OxideGallery Frame 18.5×18.5

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Some companies label their frames with the image size they hold (the size of the window opening) while others mark theirs with the actual size of the glass or even the exterior dimensions of the frame, so always double check that you’re purchasing the right size frame for your print.

For standard size frames that require matting, Michaels offers pre-cut window mats.

Where to Hang an 8×10 Photograph

8×10 photographs typically look best in smaller spaces such as powder rooms, narrow hallways, nooks, or as part of a larger grouping.

You can begin your quest for a peaceful 8×10 photograph in our landscape photography shop.

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