Friends Wanted


Ten years ago friends may not have talked as much on the phone as they did ten years previous but they definitely got together more than they do now. Ten years ago you knew who your real friends were because they’d email you personally, not just post a Facebook status update and assumed you followed along. Ten years ago friends laughed together instead of LOL’d together. Ten years ago you knew how your friends were feeling, deep down inside, which is more important than the bullet points of what filled their days.

Maybe it’s my demographic. In The Happiness Project Gretchen talks about the importance of friendships and how she started attending events with the mindset that she’d make a new friend there. It’s brilliant! Isn’t this essentially what we did in our twenties? It makes parties a lot more fun too because I don’t just cocoon myself in my circle of familiarity.

I saw a girlfriend wanted list on another blog and I thought it’d be fun make my own. So here’s the profile of my dream besties:

  • living in the greater London area so we could actually hang out live and in person
  • laid back to the point that showing up in my messy kitchen wouldn’t be a turn off
  • and additionally wouldn’t feel the need to make her house spotless when I visited
  • a creative thinker, she doesn’t need to be an artist but she needs to be able to think in swirls
  • someone who loves to laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously
  • she needs to be able to tell a good story but balance it with an amazing ability to just chat
  • a food lover who will share recipes, try new restaurants, and who will reel me in with butter tarts when I go too far off the health deep end, because it’s all about balance
  • a hugger, because if you’re going to be friends with me you’re going to get hugged, lots
  • someone who hasn’t forgotten her dreams
  • contagious enthusiasm
  • she’s focused on positivity
  • and most importantly, she’s someone who show’s up

Go make a new friend, I dare you.

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