frozen juice lids

 frozen juice can lids

Reuse rocks!  My cousin is a teacher and she collects the metal lids from frozen juice containers from everyone she knows.  She writes numbers or words on one side and puts a magnet on the other side so that she can stick them to the chalkboard and use them as a teaching aid.  I think that’s brilliant!  

What do you reuse that otherwise would have gone in the garbage?

(image: Jennifer Squires Ross)

3 thoughts on “frozen juice lids

  1. ohbrooke says:

    You are sending me back… I went to an event at my church when I was a little kid… it was like a mini jerusalem. There were booths filling a high school gym, and all the kids were given these juice lids – and they were “sheckles”. You could use the sheckles to buy bread and cheese, or play games, or make souvenirs. As a kid, I thought that was the COOLEST thing to have this fake money and use it like a grown up.

    • jennifer says:

      I love the idea of using them as fake coins! I once saw a website that you could print out an image of a coin that is the right size to be glued to a frozen juice lid – how much fun would that be!

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