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Good Morning Everyone!

How was your weekend? Ours was just lovely! We stayed cozy at home, dreaming of comfort food and the warmth of spring.

I did a rough plan of our 2010 vegetable garden using this really great website: Gardener’s Supply Kitchen Garden Planner. We’re going to try for some leafy greens this year, which should work well with the amount of shade our backyard can get. Here’s a general idea of what we’re planning on growing:

  • onions
  • leeks, this will be our first year
  • parsley
  • mache, we haven’t grown this before but we’re really excited
  • lettuce
  • mesclun, I’m itching to get things going (I know, it’s only March and I live in zone 6-ish) so I started a tray of mesclun to grow in our living room window.
  • beets
  • swiss chard
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • eggplants, hey, a girl can dream
  • “melon”, Darren would love to have fresh melon from our garden, I mean, who wouldn’t? But it’s just not practical here so I’ve asked him to choose something else that he can be excited about.
  • peas
  • basil
  • cucumber
  • squash
  • rosemary
  • dill – is it a bad idea to put dill right in the garden? Will it self seed and take over? Should we plant it in a pot?

I’m anxiously awaiting Seedy Saturday here in London so I can pick up some seeds and talk sunshine for an afternoon.

sweet potato

This past Saturday I visited the Western Fair Farmer’s Market to pick up this week’s fresh veggies and I came home with the hugest sweet potato that I’ve ever seen! 1818 grams to be exact. And yes, that’s a full size 10 inch dinner plate it’s sitting on. We’ve been cutting chunks off and making sweet potato fries – yum!

Our weekend was quite food-focused, which seems pretty typical for us. What’s your relationship with food? Love it? Cook it? Grow it? Sell it?

3 thoughts on “garden planning

  1. HolgaJen says:

    This will be our first spring/summer in our house, and I really want to try my hand at a little gardening. I buy a lot of fresh veggies and make a lot of salads so I would love to grow my own and have them fresh!

  2. Sylvia says:

    This year I’m hoping to buy a plot in a community garden. My little yard receives so little light that I can’t grow much, and what I do grow is often stolen by squirrels. Though I don’t know if a plot elsewhere would solve the squirrel problem! 🙂

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