Georgetown Inn, Canmore // Why We Chose Not to Stay in Banff

Georgetown Inn, Canmore - Why we chose not to stay in Banff
Georgetown Inn, Canmore - Why we chose not to stay in Banff
Georgetown Inn, Canmore

Choosing not to stay right in Banff during our trip was a really tough decision. I spent hours poring over the options when we were making our plans.

Because of price and availability we ended up staying in Canmore.

When we were booking there weren’t many hotels left and they were expensive. We actually only ended up visiting the town of Banff a couple times during our trip, and I’m so glad we didn’t stay there. It was busy. The sidewalks were barely a step down from the crowds in Toronto. And we had to wait for a table at every cafe and restaurant we visited.

According to Google Maps, Canmore is a 20 minute drive to the town of Banff (though it seemed a lot shorter), and less than 10 minutes to the park gate.

We ended up staying at the Georgetown Inn in Canmore and it was perfect! Not only was it adorable, but it was in such a great location! Canmore has lots of fantastic restaurant choices and the scenery was stunning! Best of all – no waiting and no crowds.

Here’s a peek at a few of my photographs from Canmore…

Golden Persistence - Aspen Tree Print Landscape Photograph
Beyond Blissful, Vertical - Canadian Rockies Photography

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