Get Inspired this Earth Day with Landscape Photography Prints

We decor lovers are known for bringing the outdoors in by adding fiddle leaf figs, birch, and marble. But often that natural vibe doesn’t extend to our walls.

In honour of Earth Day, it’s time to take a wholly different approach to how your wall art makes you feel.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or meditation, here’s 6 landscape photography prints to help you celebrate our amazing planet:

In the Morning Sunlight I was Free

Inspirational Pictures - In the Morning Sunlight I was Free

Who wouldn’t love it if the trees were covered in flowers all year long?

The Falls

Modern Waterfall Prints - The Falls

Let Niagara Falls motivate you to be the strong silent type.

Kettle Point #1

Landscape Prints - Kettle Point #1

Meditate as you step from stone to stone.

Man Swimming, Pinery

Man Swimming, Pinery - Fine Art Beach Photography

Create your own path. Be you.

Vanilla Dream

Winter Landscape Photography - Vanilla Dream - Black and White Tree

Explore winter.

Lake Erie #10

New England Style Decor - Lake Erie #10

Let your mental fog melt away.

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