gosh i love our rain barrel

rain barrel

We hooked up our rain barrel a few weeks ago once the weather became milder and we didn’t need to worry about the water freezing.  I can’t believe how much rainwater we use!  So far this season it’s been completely full once and right now it’s totally empty.  I really like using rain barrel water in our garden for a number of reasons:

  • harvesting rainwater is a good water conservation method
  • the water is free, and who doesn’t like free?
  • I don’t have to lug around the hose every time I want to water the garden
  • the water is usually warm, which I think the plants prefer to the cold tap water
  • rainwater hasn’t been treated with chlorine and also saves the energy that would have been used at our local water treatment facility
  • rainwater is very good for your plants

I use our rainwater on the plants in our vegetable and flower gardens, and also to water our postage stamp front yard.  What do you use rainwater for?

4 thoughts on “gosh i love our rain barrel

  1. lisa h. says:

    First you make me envious of your native grasses, now with your rain barrel! What’s a city slicker to do? ;) Someday, someday…
    I’ve always heard that rainwater is really good for plants. What happens if it freezes? Does the barrel crack?

    • jennifer says:

      I lived downtown (Toronto) for a few years, so I feel your pain. I actually still live in a city (London, Ontario) but I don’t live downtown so I have a nice tree lined yard.

      Yup! If you leave a plastic rain barrel outside full of water in the winter it can crack. So in the fall we dump ours out, clean it up, and store it upside down in the corner of the yard.

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