grand bend, day 1

grandbend1-011-blogGrand Bend #1, work in progress

Last Tuesday’s early morning photo shoot in Grand Bend, Ontario started off so perfect! I was up before my 4:20 am alarm and out the door a few minutes before my scheduled departure time of 5 am. Darren had even mixed me up some homemade just-add-water cocoa – yum!  The forecast was clear and warm:


And my route was nice and straightforward, making for a beautiful, early morning drive:


I pulled into town 45 minutes before sunrise, which gave me lots of time to take some test shots.  I got my equipment from the car and walked to my location but:

there was a fence

What was I to do? I got out my camera, took a few shots (resulting in the opening image of this post), and made a note to myself to go back out there and shoot again in the spring.

Grand Bend Photography Stats:

  • 1 evening location scout
  • 1 very early morning
  • 144 km + distance travelled during the location scout
  • 4 hours
  • 38 frames captured

All in all it was still a gorgeous day and I count myself lucky that this is how I get to spend my time.  Happy Monday everyone!

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