The Vending Arts Project

The Vending Arts Project

The Vending Arts Project

One of the best things about being an artist is that it gives the chance for so many other creatives to come into my life. Most recently I was able to connect with Janine Wass, from The Vending Arts Project. I was smitten with her idea right from the start, a vending machine that sells greeting cards made by London artists.

The idea came to her when visiting a friend in the hospital. The gift shop was closed but all the vending machines were still dispensing chocolatey treats. Why couldn’t a vending machine offer something useful? Something healing, like a greeting card?

The Vending Arts Project The Vending Arts Project

Janine received grant money from Awesome London to purchase and refurbish a used vending machine and stock it full of handmade cards from local London artists. And I am absolutely honoured that I was asked to be one of them.

The Vending Arts Project

Janine, you have the type of wild creativity that I hope to have one day. Keep up the amazing work!

The Vending Arts Project will be on display and dispensing cards at Williams on Wonderland until March 2014.

Extra Special Thanks to:

Janine Wass, owner/operator of The Vending Arts Project
Williams On Wonderland
The Awesome Foundation, London
Gwen Card, Artist
Steve Tracy, Artist
Carol Finkbeiner Thomas, Artist
Krystal Caldwell, Artist
Gayle Slinger, Artist
Nicole Picard, Artist
Stephanie Buchy, Artist
Cassandra Harms, Artist
Carly Mellows, Artist
Abby Robinson, Artist

4 thoughts on “The Vending Arts Project

  1. Joseph Miller says:

    I’m extremely interested in the machine you use. I have a sports card business and this machine is exactly what I’m looking for. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  2. veena says:

    Hello, I was doing a search and came across yours. Im just wondering if the vending machine you used for the greeting cards a special vending machine designed for cards or was it a regular ordinary machine that was used for snacks?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Veena! I’m an artist featured in the vending machine, not the owner. As far as I know it was a regular machine that was altered to operate with cards. Hope that helps!

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