growing vegetables in 2009


I’m super excited about our vegetable garden this year! Lots of tomato and pepper plants now find their permanent home out in our yard. I thought it was about time to post updated photos of how things are going.


Here the resident master gardener is inspecting the peppers, yup, they seem to be up to snuff.  Those are our peas on the right, some days I feel like I can see them growing they’re doing so well. I wish more people grew them, they’re really easy and full of instant gratification – well, at least in terms of gardening.


This is our first year for beets (lower right), onions (grassy bits above the beets), and potatoes (not shown) and I think they were a great choice since the weather seems to have been unseasonably cool and wet.

I’m particularly thrilled about our potatoes, we’re growing them in a 5 gallon bucket with drainage holes drilled in the bottom.  They’re planted good and deep and we mounded them over until the bucket was full of dirt, now the shoots are a few inches above the rim of the pail!

I’ll post more pictures of our vegetable garden as the season progresses, I might even cut the grass next time so you don’t have to look at our shaggy backyard, sorry about that.

What are your favourite vegetables to grow?

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