Hamilton Landscape Photograph – Mystic Port

Mystic Port - Hamilton Landscape Photograph

Mystic Port - Hamilton Landscape Photograph

Mystic Port, Hamilton Landscape Photograph

After whiling away the day at the Royal Botanical Gardens we spent the peaceful sunset on the beach near Fifty Point Conservation area just outside Grimsby.

Map London to Burlington to Hamilton

This is an area I know lots of photographers flock to. In fact we were supposed to be part of a photo group that was going to the beach that very morning. At the last minute we opted out for two reasons:

  1. The forecast for the morning wasn’t ideal.
  2. But more importantly, after further research I discovered that the angle of light would make for a much better evening photograph.

So here’s how our day ended up going:

10:45 am – pack gear and car

11:30 am – early lunch

Noon – leave home

1:45 pm – explore Royal Botanical Gardens

5:00 pm – dinner

6:15 pm – leave for Fifty Point Conservation Area

7:15 pm – arrive at location, set up and begin photographing

8:00 pm – sunset

8:30 pm – wrap up shooting and head home

10:30 pm – arrive home and unpack the car

10:45 pm – download memory cards and backup files

Raw camera files were processed and retouched for dust the following day.

I left myself a bit of extra time since I’d never been to this location before and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

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How do you make time for peace and quiet? Do you schedule specific time for yourself? What do you do when you’re looking to relax and meditate? Do you go for a drive? Head to a favourite spot? Or just close the door to the world for a few minutes?

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