handmade festival 2010

Handmade Festival table

Darren and I had a lovely time at London’s Handmade Festival this past Saturday! We got lots of positive feedback about my photographs and kind comments about our booth. It was our first live-and-in-person sale and I think it went quite well.

Plus we got to spend the day with the talented and always interesting Jinx Murphy Designs and we met some new friends who were our booth neighbours Favour Boxes by Krista (she makes these brilliant treat boxes to give out at weddings and parties) and Candice (who creates jewelry and graphically based artwork). And we ogled Jessie’s gorgeous and inspiring quilts too, I’m so glad that Darren was finally able to see them in person.

We also hosted a draw! Our winner is Lisa of Pieces of Me Pendants from London, Ontario and she’s chosen First Crush as her prize.

It was really nice to meet everyone in person, we hope to do it again soon! Perhaps at Art in the Village in June.

2 thoughts on “handmade festival 2010

  1. Mom says:

    Wow I like your whole set up. It’s very inviting and professional looking. The way you presented everything was fantastic.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks Mom! I’m really glad that you like it. You’ve probably attended more shows than I have, so if you ever have any suggestions then send them my way.

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