Hanging Pictures in a Kitchen

Kitchen Art - Add colour to a neutral room

Kitchen Art - Add colour to a neutral room

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We get asked this question a lot and we’re long overdue to answer it here on our blog. The kitchen can be a tough place to figure out where to hang art, you want to add some life and inspiration but you’ve got all these cupboards and appliances taking up wall space.

Kitchen Art - Above the kitchen table

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You’ll want to be careful not to damage your pictures so here’s some tips for keeping them out of the splatter zone:

  • be careful hanging art in your “messy” kitchen areas, like above the stove, sink, or favourite prep areas
  • if you do choose to have pictures in the spray zone put them higher on the wall to minimize any mess
  • keep kitchen art under glass so if it does get dirty it can be wiped clean

Kitchen Art - Above the cupboards

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Mandy put medium sized pieces above her upper cupboards to keep them nice and safe. This works best for images that don’t have a lot of intricate detail because you’ll be viewing them from farther away. Such a great way to add life to an otherwise dead space, plus it will add height to your room too.

Kitchen Art - Above the windows

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See how these pictures add height to this breakfast nook? They draw on the colours from the fabrics down below and lure your eye up.

What really makes this collection work is that all the frames and mats are exactly the same. Square frames make it a lot easier to mix horizontal and vertical images but still have that nice grid look. Plus the frames are white which helps them to blend in with the rest of the kitchen so you can really focus on the art.

Kitchen Art Collection Above the Counter

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But it’s still completely ok to mix frames too! Here’s nine frames that are all the same style but four are light wood and the remaining five are white. What ties the whole thing together is that all the pieces are very similar in size, they have matching white mats, and the food photographs are filled with similar tones which helps the whole collection appear as one.

Kitchen Art - Narrow Wall

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Ashley hung three prints vertically on her narrow wall to break up the subway tile and add colour to her black and white kitchen. She used 3m Command Strips to stick them to the tile for a simple, non-destructive hanging, click through to her blog to get all the details.

Kitchen Art - Above the counter

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Or if yo have a stretch of counter with no upper cabinets you can fill the space with medium sized black and white photographs in matching black frames and white mats. And if you’re concerned about them getting wet just hang them a little higher than you normally would.

Large Kitchen Art as a Focal Point

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Where does your eye go in this kitchen? Use a large piece of art to create a focal point yo take the focus off your appliances and dirty dishes.

Kitchen Art Collection Above the Counter

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This is one of my favourites. Don’t all those food pictures look great? They make the kitchen feel so open and happy. All the frames are a similar light wood and it’s that golden brown and the greens in the two larger pieces that bring the whole thing together.

Are you smitten with art in the kitchen? Us too. And we’re always looking for more ideas so check out lots more on our Pinterest Kitchen Decor board. Which kitchen is your favourite? Do you have art in yours at home? Where do you hang it? Do you have a collection of small pieces or a large one that’s the focal point of the room?

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