Happy Birthday Darren!


Dear Darren,

You’re not a life-of-the-party kind of guy, you’re more nuanced. More slow and steady wins the race. And the prize is the heart of everyone you meet. You’re gentle, and kind, and would much prefer to focus on one interesting person in a room full of people than be the man of the hour.

One of my favourite things about you is your open curiosity. I love when you tell tales of the people you just met and the stories they so easily shared. People let their guard down and speak freely to you within minutes and I know you leave them feeling good, with a smile on their face.

You pay homage to what makes each and every one of us amazing, and you do it with ease and grace.

Thank you for brightening my life, I’m delighted to make you feel special on your birthday and I’m looking forward to see what another year brings.

I love you to bits, Jennifer xoxo