Happy Birthday Darren!

A year ago I would never have guessed that the coming twelve months would be filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows.

It started with Amsterdam, where we took in the charming canal house architecture and ate until our bellies were stuffed to within a millimetre of bursting.

It was a dream come true!

But we came home to a cancer diagnosis.

Less than a month later we found out you have prostate cancer. Oh sweetheart, my heart broke, broke. There were so many tears, so many trying moments, but SO MUCH LOVE.

You are strong and determined and probably have more willpower than I could ever dream of mustering. No more sugar?! That’s just insane. So extremely admirable, but INSANE.

Your heart is more open than anyone else’s I’ve ever known. Every day I look forward to hearing about the strangers you just met, who opened up to you, and shared their story.

You inspire me to be the best me that I can be. To find something to love in everyone I meet.

I’m without a doubt the luckiest girl I know.

Happy birthday honey!

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