Happy Birthday Darren!

Dear Darren,

You inspire me to be a better me. I admire you and aspire to be more like you. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to spend every day of my life with you. Everyone always comments about how happy and laid back you seem, but what they don’t know is that’s not just how you seem, it’s how you are.

You take life in stride and live more in the moment than anyone I’ve ever met. And I sometimes wonder if that’s your secret to happiness. Along with a hearty serving of cookies.

You don’t get overwhelmed, you don’t get frustrated, and you don’t get caught up in the details too often, unless we’re talking about mathematics, then you’re all about digging deeper and deeper.

{ Seriously, who’s hobby is math?! }

But you’re somehow able to balance all of this while striving for perfection. Whether it’s building the most perfect step stool, making the most perfect dinner, or planning the most perfect weekend getaway, you keep one foot in reality and the other in the ideal and somehow make it all work with grace.

You go out of your way to make people feel special and cared for and important, giving extra attention to sweet old ladies and adorable little children.

And I hope that this year on your birthday I’m able to make you feel as special as you make the rest of us.

I love you!

Love Wifey xoxo