How to Decorate with Birch Logs

How to Decorate with Birch Logs

How to Decorate with Birch Logs

1 – Birch Fireplace Logs / 2 – Standing in a Vase / 3 – Latent Beauty, Winter Landscape Photography / 4 – DIY Birch Vase / 5 – DIY Wood Round Coasters

I’m craving the outdoors but often don’t want to brave the cold. I miss the trees. I miss the smell. I miss the way being outside can so quickly clear my mind. So I’ve been thinking about bringing the outside in and I started brainstorming how to decorate with birch logs. We’ve got a few that have fallen around the cottage that I can bring home, but if you don’t have access to any you can get some from Crate & Barrel.

I wish I had a faux fireplace to fill with logs! I’d tuck in a few candles or twinkle lights for a touch of evening sparkle. You can even go so far as adding a log holder for extra interest. But the simplicity of a vase or basket of logs just can’t be beat.

DIY White Birch Decor

If you’re looking for an easy afternoon project birch coasters are definitely the way to go. We made some from a fallen tree but I’ve never thought to paint the tops with soothing, happy accent colours. Brilliant! A few of ours might be getting a makeover! You could even leave them a few inches tall and perch a pillar candle on top. These are so versatile! And our guests adore them! We’ve even had a few go “missing”…

Or for a slightly more complex project, a birch vase could be beautiful in the middle of a dining or side table, with tall, interesting branches reaching out from it. Like having a tree in your living room!

Oh, and there’s one more project that I couldn’t fit into my grid but you should definitely check out – DIY birch hooks. They’ve got such an inspiring, contemporary feel that I’d hate to hang anything on them and cover them up.