how to hang pictures like chancie

black picture wall

black picture wall


Create a contemporary picture gallery in your home using a dark wall, black frames, and black and white photographs.


  • rich black paint
  • 15-20 black frames (depending on the size of the space) of varying sizes (from 4×6 to 8×10 inches) and styles (alternative – get a collection of frames from a thrift store and paint them all a nice dark black)
  • collection of black and white images, shown here are old black and white family photos
  • various white and black window mats

possible locations

  • hallway
  • entryway
  • nook
  • any small space in need of artwork


  1. Paint your wall black. It will likely require quite a few coats so just take your time. And remember, you don’t need to do the whole room black, if you like you can just paint the one wall.
  2. Place your images in appropriately sized frames, some with mats and some without.
  3. Lay framed pieces out on the floor and begin to work out your artfully random arrangement – the variation in frame size and texture give this presentation a slightly casual aesthetic, so steer clear from even spacing and too many rows and columns. Once you’ve designed something you’re happy with then hang your images in your desired grouping.


  • Choose a different dark wall colour and paint frames to match.
  • Instead of old family photos you could display a collection of small artworks.

{image: apartment therapy}

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    • jennifer says:

      I’m glad you like it Sydney! There is a nice style about it – the contemporary black wall with the vintage photographs mix well.

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