How to Pick Art Gifts

Fall decor and halloween costumes are tucked away for another year and family and friends are beginning to think about the upcoming holidays. A few weeks ago a friend asked me to help her pick out some art to give as a gift, there was a lot of back and forth but we figured these are four important things to consider.


What kind of art does she like? Does she like landscapes or people or street scenes? Is she more interested in abstracts, modern, or minimalist work? Does she prefer photography, paintings, or sketches?

Don’t worry, you know more than you think.

  • What type of art does she already have hanging in her home?
  • What about her office?
  • Does she make art as a hobby? What kind?
  • What type of art is she drawn to at a gallery? Which gallery shows has she visited lately?
  • What kind of art does she like to give as gifts?
  • What style of image is on the front of the greeting cards she gives?
  • Does she post about art on social media? Flip through her Facebook page to see what she’s sharing and scroll through her Pinterest boards to see what she’s pinning. Look at her home decor pins, what style of art is on the walls?


From here on in things get a lot easier. You don’t need to give a print filled with colours that perfectly match her space, but it’s nice if it has a similar feeling as the rest of her home.

  • Does she like bold colour or something more soft and subdued? Or are neutrals more her taste?
  • What are the accent colours in her home? Think about her cushions, blankets, and other accessories.
  • What colour clothes does she like to wear?


Where are you anticipating she’ll hang her new artwork? Are you thinking about something large for over her couch? Something small for next to her desk? Or something mid-size for in a hallway?


Do you want to give her a piece that’s ready to hang? What format does she use for the rest of her art? Does she have lots of black frames or white? What colour mats does she use? Or does she decorate with art on canvas?

Giving art as a gift doesn’t have to be scary or painful, it’s a very personal way to emotionally inspire someone you love.

Edit – Be sure to check out my Facebook video for more ideas about how to pick art gifts.

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