Hygge Decor and More with Urban Barn

Hygge Decor and Lifestyle with Urban Barn - Add Some Cozy to Your Life

Hygge Decor and Lifestyle with Urban Barn - Add Some Cozy to Your Life

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Celebrating Hygge Workshop at Urban Barn. Their email read:

Hygge is the Danish art of creating cosiness for the soul and taking pleasure from soothing things. We’ll share hygge basics while incorporating the new fall collection.

Since I’m all about soothing my soul (and lately I’ve been all about hygge) I was definitely going to check it out. And I happily learnt sooo much more about hygge than just decor! So I’ve put together a list of ideas that are easy enough for you to try at home.

Minimal Bedroom Art - In The Clouds

Hygge Lifestyle

  • slow down
  • be grateful
  • it’s about quiet nights in
  • good conversation
  • have dinner huddled around the coffee table
  • candlelit dinners with an abundance of candles
  • drink tea and mulled wine and eat soup and sourdough bread
  • watch a movie at home that you’ve already seen and talk through it
  • take naps
  • spa day with warm baths
  • pumpkin picking and carving

Hygge Decor

  • turn down the lights
  • use candles and holiday lights
  • presentation doesn’t matter
  • you don’t need to be matchy, your coffee table and end tables don’t all need to be the same
  • put coffee beans in a dish with a tea light to make your home smell comforting
  • surround yourself only with things you love
  • bring the outdoors in
  • lots of pillows for snuggling
  • have four different blankets on the sofa so everyone can get cozy
  • layer chunky rugs
  • floor poufs
  • add a little bit of shimmer with glass and metallic reflections

With the days rapidly getting shorter I’m spending a lot more time napping and we’re going to bed early and sleeping a little later. I’m more aware of how my body is feeling and I’m gently giving it what it needs.

We went to an orchard and got a half bushel of apples and have been making apple sauce and pie for days. Even sharing extra apples with friends. And the house is smelling so wonderfully like fall.

Darren and I have talked a few times about dining room chairs and we haven’t seen many we like. Maybe now’s the time to add on another layer to our home, and just have old mis-matched chairs that I’ve been thinking about since college…

And I’ve added an extra pillow to my side of the bed, for much more cozy snuggling.

Do you hygge? Are you intrigued? I’d love to hear which tips are your favourite!