I Love Canada

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, moved to Brampton when I was six, Hockley Village when I was eleven, and London, Ontario when I was nineteen (for college). Then I bounced around between London and Toronto and ended up settling back in London in 2005.

I am Canadian, my Mom is Canadian, and my Dad was born in Newfoundland before it became a part of Canada. We used to joke that he wasn’t really Canadian, he didn’t like that very much. But he’d always smile and say that he had a cookie tin to prove it.

Why I Love Canada

  • weather – I know I complain about the cold, but the diversity keeps it interesting
  • freedom
  • peace
  • all the different eco-systems that call Canada their home
  • there’s a lot of people that live here but it’s not overcrowded
  • the cool breeze early on a summer morning
  • the smell of the air right before it rains
  • the excuse that winter gives us to hibernate
  • the fast pace at which the summer flies by
  • all the different people from all different walks of life
  • the food – as a country I don’t think we’re really known for our food, but we have people from all over the world that live here and they bring with them the best of their country’s delicacies
  • infrastructure
  • everyone here is so polite
  • it’s safe

That’s it for this week’s edition of the List Love Book Club, I’d love to hear what country you’re from and why you love it!

Next week: Where Are They Now?


1 thoughts on “I Love Canada

  1. Torrie Sessions says:

    I’ve only been to Canada once before, but for many of the reasons that you mentioned… I cannot wait to go again. I loved it, and could totally see why many people from all areas move there!

    I like the “polite” part too :).

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