Ideal Art Size Above King Bed

Ideal Framed Art Size Above King Bed - Modern Coastal Bedroom Decor Tips
Ideal Art Size Above King Bed - Modern Coastal Bedroom Decor Tips

A big question I get asked is what is the ideal art size above a king bed.

The answer is often subjective, but the best starting point is to keep your finished piece (the edges of the canvas or frame) between 60-80% the width of the furniture it’s hanging over, and I tend to like it closer to the 80% mark.

Ideal Frame Size Above King Bed

Ideal Framed Art Size Above King Bed - Modern Coastal Bedroom Decor Tips
1 – 20×24 print in a 24×30 inch frame // 2 – 24×30 print in a 32×40 frame // 3 – 32×40 print in a 40×48 inch frame // 4 – 40×50 print in a 50×60 inch frame

For the standard 76 inch wide king bed you should consider art that is between 45 and 60 inches wide. So if you’d like to hang a framed piece take a look at #3 (32×40 print in a 40×48 inch frame) and #4 above (40×50 print in a 50×60 inch frame).  

Favourite Beach Art for Above the Bed

Coastal Wall Art - Sandy - Soothing Beach Photography
Sailing Lake Huron, Horizontal - Minimalist Sailing Art Print
Modern Photography - Ipperwash #1
Sunset Oasis, Horizontal - Lake Huron Dusk Beach Print
Tropical Beach Sunset Photo - Jenna's Journey - Coastal Home Decor

Favourite Landscape Prints for Above the Bed

Reflecting at Lake Louise, Horizontal - Lake Louise Mountain Picture
Winter Landscape Photo - Where the Wild Things Are - Tree Wall Art

Favourite Travel Photograph for Above the Bed

Bloemenmarkt Canal Houses - Framed Amsterdam Canal Houses Photo

Favourite Abstract Art for Above the Bed

Abstract Landscape Art - Indigo Escape
Large Abstract Wall Art - Coyote in the Woods

If you want to hang a pair of images or a gallery wall, treat the whole thing as one piece that’s between 45 and 60 inches wide.  

Ultimately it’s your own personal preference, so use these examples as a starting point, and if you’re still not sure you can even experiment by taping paper to your wall to see what works best in your room.

Psst… Find more art size ideas here, including above a double and queen bed.

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Ideal Art Size Above King Bed - Modern Coastal Bedroom Decor Tips


15 thoughts on “Ideal Art Size Above King Bed

  1. Jess says:

    Hi! Thanks for this very helpful post. Do you know where one can order a 40×50 canvas? Can’t seem to find that large of an option on most websites. Thank you!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Ashley! It totally comes down to personal preference, but I suggest using a low stick painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall above your bed to try out different sizes.

      Use the photos in this post as a starting point. Choose the look that appeals to you then divide it up into three pieces, allowing 2-5 inches between them. So if you like of #4 in the framed section above, then start with rectangles that are around 18 inches wide and go from there.

      The 18 inches would be the final framed size so your photographs would be smaller than that.

      Are you thinking vertical or horizontal?

    • Jennifer says:

      David, the same guidelines still apply. Treat all three pieces as one (with the spaces in between), and have the final arrangement be somewhere between 60-80% of that 80 inch width, so 48-64 inches. And don’t forget, this is just a starting point, map it out on your wall with low-tack painter’s tape to see what works for you.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m not sure that height matters that much, though it’s probably a good rule of thumb to keep it between 60-80% the height of the wall above the headboard. But you could probably get away with keeping it a little smaller if you like. Test it out with low tack tape and see how you like it.

      • Jennifer says:

        You know, I’m really not sure. I typically just hang it so when I stand in front of it my eye level is about at the centre. I think they typically recommend art to be 6-8 inches above a piece of furniture, or maybe even less.

  2. Denise Mascola says:

    Thanks for these great tips! What about a square painting over a king sized bed? Is that a really bad idea? Size guide for square, if you think it’s ok.

    • Jennifer says:

      Denise, I don’t create many square prints so I haven’t made a guide for them. But it’s really all about width. Start with the measurements I listed and see where that gets you, just be careful that you’re not crowding the ceiling. I highly recommend using low-tack painters tape to make squares on the wall the same size as your art so you can get a sense of how the size will work.

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