The Importance of Art // Celebrate What’s Right with the World

Beach Sunset Picture - Carmen's Coastal Road Trip

Importance of Art - Celebrate What's Right with the World

I spend a lot of time thinking about the importance of art. For many reasons really.

Some days I flounder and think maybe I should be doing something more important in this world. I hear people say they don’t need art. It isn’t important to them. Art is a frivolity.

But then I start thinking about the world we live in.

We’re constantly inundated with sad news on tv and social media. Depression, stress, and anxiety levels are higher than ever. Self care isn’t the priority that it should be.

We need balance. And art helps with that.

Beautiful photographs celebrate what’s right with the world.

They remind us to take pleasure in the simple charm of life.

They can help ease down our stress levels, pull us away from anxious and depressed states.

So when I saw Dewitt Jones’ Ted Talk, Celebrate What’s Right with the World, it spoke to me on such a deep level I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Now tell me darling, why is art important to you?



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