Inspirational Wall Art – New Summer Abstract Art Prints

Inspirational Wall Art - New Summer Abstract Art Prints

Inspirational Wall Art - New Summer Abstract Art Prints

Beautiful summer weather slips by too quickly, especially here in Canada, then we’re suddenly thrown back to the sad, dark, overcast days of winter. We try to cram so many fun activities into our days when the temperature is up that we often miss out on savouring the sunshine and energy. Most of the conversations I have with people are about how the warm weather goes by too fast and how to make it stretch just a little bit longer. While I can offer lots of suggestions to live simpler and be more present, it’s not going to stop the inevitable changing of the season from the bright days of summer to the dark days of winter. Which is why I created new summer inspirational wall art.

Sunshiny abstract photographs will keep you optimistic and looking forward to the coming warm weather, even in the depths of February. Ensure that your home is infused with summer nostalgia and a healthy sprinkling of inspiration to keep you motivated all year long.

Abstract Sunset Beach Picture - Seltzer Sunset

The pinks and yellows with a pop of blue are sure to add a dose of happy summertime sparkle to your nest. We think they work great hung:

  • In a bright living room to fondly remember the fun you had at the beach
  • Above a bed for a quick morning pick me up
  • As a statement piece in the dining room to lift your spirit on dark winter evenings
  • Over a side table or on an accent wall to add a pop of vibrant energy throughout the year
  • In an office to remind you what you work so hard for
  • Large on canvas in a boardroom or studio to gently infuse inspiration and creative thinking

Golden Beach Grass Picture - Sunshine and Breeze

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