Introducing Our New Kitchen Art

Kitchen Art - Trail Mix
Kitchen Art - Trail Mix
Trail Mix, Kitchen Art

Blend a smoothie and grab some dark chocolate, I’m finally ready to share with you my newest set of images – Kitchen Art!

You can check them out in detail over here ->

  • Celebrate your health and your love of food in your home
  • Keep on track with your health goals by reminding yourself how beautiful food can be
  • As small as 8×10 to fit below your cupboards and as large as 32×40 to be the focal point of your room with lots of sizes in between to fit your space

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Food Photography - Salad with Sprouts
Salad with Sprouts, Food Photography

Add Inspiration and Positive Energy to Your Kitchen with Art

Darren and I are constantly tweaking what we eat to live cleaner and healthier. In January we did a sixteen day food detox as a way to clear out our overindulgence from the holidays and reset ourselves back into our regular routine filled with fresh fruits and veggies. And it reminded me how beautiful and colourful a wholesome meal can be.

Let these photographs inspire you in your kitchen every day and remind you how much good food is important to you.

Kitchen Art - Green Juice
Green Juice, Kitchen Art

Who Are These Images For?

  • Interior designers who are looking to add creativity to a new kitchen
  • Nutritionists, naturopaths, dieticians, and homeopathic practitioners who spend their lives spreading the word about how important food is to our health
  • Health conscious folks who are trying to stay on track with better eating
  • Foodies who want to share their love for food with everyone who walks in their door
  • And anyone looking to add creativity and inspiration to their kitchen

Where Do These Photographs Work Best?

  • Large photographs create a focal point over counters with no upper cupboards or on a large wall next to the kitchen table
  • Hang a large piece over a bar cart, butcher block, or sideboard
  • Mid-size images look great on the bulkhead above upper cabinets, above windows, or mixed into open shelving
  • A mid-size photo or collection of smaller pieces can serve as inspiration over the kitchen sink while washing dishes
  • Small prints can be hung below upper cabinets or in a vertical column on a narrow wall
  • And don’t forget your dining room too!
  • Oh, and if you’re looking for inspiration for where to hang art in your kitchen, definitely check out my post from last week.

We’re Super Excited to Inspire Your Kitchen! Will You Pass it On?

One of the biggest ways we can keep our photographs so inexpensive is by not paying for advertising. We’re really proud of our new images and really hope they inspire many people to eat healthier. If you know someone with a growing love for food, will you share our kitchen art with them? You can send them this post or the direct link to our whole Kitchen Art gallery here:

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