iPad Photo Album Apps

iPad Photo Album Apps

iPad Photo Album Apps

I’m a huge advocate for making photographs to document our lives. Who knew huh? I gather up the raw files for our happy snaps every month, process them out to jpgs, and cart them off to our local lab to have 4×6 prints made. Then I haul them all home and sit with a glass of wine and some good music on and add them to our collection of photo albums. Some even get promoted to 5x7s to hang in our dining room family photo collection.

Why We Want to Move Away from Traditional Printed Photo Albums

All these albums and prints are starting to weigh heavy on me. They are taking up more and more precious real estate in our small cottage of a home, we rarely leave the house with them so unless you come over you won’t see the full collection, and I really don’t think we look at them as often as we’d like. We won’t even get into the hassle of driving to the lab then sorting them into albums.

So what are our alternatives?

  • We could just post them all on Facebook, but then our mothers wouldn’t see them.
  • We could post them to Flickr or some other online photo sharing site, but then our few family members who aren’t online wouldn’t see them and we’ll only be able to show them off when we have an internet connection.
  • We could store them all on the laptop for people to look through, but I really don’t like the idea of everyone huddling around the screen while we scroll through them.
  • We could store them on our smart phones, but then we’d need to get smart phones
  • Or we could store them on our iPad. Bingo!

iPads are portable, user friendly, accessible, and, when we’re at a family event, they’re even social. People love to pass them around, flick through images, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Over the next few months we’ll be testing out a variety of apps to see the pros and cons of each, and what works best for us. We’ll post full reviews of each on our blog and link them all to this article.

Which iPad photo gallery apps do we plan to try?

  • Photos by Apple
  • iPhoto by Apple
  • Million Moments by Sony Digital Network Applications Inc
  • Photo Manager Pro by Linkus
  • Portfolio Pro for iPad – Brandable Photo and Video App by Nick Kuh
  • Photo-Sort for iPad by Romain Henry

App Rankings to Date {date}

{watch this space as we share our picks!}

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What do you do with all of your happy snaps? How do you share them with your family and friends? Do you keep your photos online, offline, or unplugged? Do you have an iPad photo album app that you think we should test out?


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