it spoke volumes to me…

Peony #16


Peony #16, 8″ x 10″ modern fine art photographic print

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, we’ve been really busy around here putting together wholesale orders and working on our home. How have you been?

I am pleased to announce that Sonia Chopra of Marietta, Georgia is the winner of my giveaway over on The Brightside Project!  She has chosen Peony #16 as her prize.  When asked what specific piece of art has made her happy she said:

“When I was in Charleston last year for school, I would go to the Farmers’ Market every Saturday to eat brunch, enjoy the weather, and check out the locals’ produce, art, jewelry, and sculptures. One of the artists painted beautiful, bold, wonderful pictures of the ocean and the horizon, and every week I would pass by her booth and stare at one certain canvas. It spoke volumes to me. I couldn’t afford the artwork on my college student budget, but I stopped to admire that piece each time I walked by it. One Saturday, the artist was gone, and she didn’t return again once during the course of the Market that year. To this day, I hope to return back to Marion Square to find that artist and her evocative painting.”

Such a lovely story! Great artwork really sticks to your soul doesn’t it? So, what specific piece of art makes you happy?

{this photograph is currently available in our modern fine art photography shop}

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