joyce, modern impressionistic photograph


Joyce, 8″ x 10″ modern impressionistic photograph

My phone rang one Saturday morning; it was a neighbour of mine, Joyce.  She has a houseplant that only flowers once a year and she thought I should see it.  This is what became of that visit.


{detail of silky softness}


Joyce, a modern flower photograph of a Clivia miniata bloom filled with vibrant oranges and greens that will lend a touch of femininity to many decor styles. The softness of this image adds a painterly quality to the piece.

I envision this photograph printed quite large hanging above a couch or in a den. This piece is shown here as an 8×10 but it can be printed as large as 24×30 inches. Click here to buy this impressionistic modern flower photograph.

What is your favourite art movement?

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