June 2021 Wallpaper with Calendar

June 2021 Wallpaper with Calendar for Desktop
June 2021 Wallpaper with Calendar for Desktop

Your June 2021 wallpaper is ready! There’s an organizer version with a calendar for your desktop and a full frame abstract for your iPhone.

This month’s version features a new abstract photograph that’s scheduled to come out in June, and has yet to be named. I love staring deeply into it and letting my mind calm down for a few minutes before I start to daydream.

My new image launch will be a bit different than I’ve done in the past. I’ve got a collection of ten or so photographs that I’ll be releasing to Sneak Peek Society members only, then the best sellers will become part of the permanent collection in my shop, and the others will not be offered publicly. So you’d better make sure you’re on my Sneak Peek Society list, you may just end up owning a photograph that’s only been printed a few times – talk about limited edition!

Join my Sneak Peek Society here >

In the meantime, scroll down to get your June wallpapers…

June 2021 Wallpaper with Calendar for iPhone and Desktop

June 2021 Wallpaper

Regular Screens (3072 x 1920pixels) – this is the one that most of you want

Wide Screens (6016 x 3584 pixels)

I’ve also put together an iPhone wallpaper so you can take some tranquil abstract vibes with you wherever you go.

June 2021 Wallpaper for iPhone

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