kettle point #1 will be available today!

kettle point #1 starting from $5

kettle point #1 starting from $5

It definitely looks as though my blogging week has gone awry, but that’s not surprising given that yesterday was a holiday here in Ontario. Our weekly inspiring images feature has been temporarily moved to tomorrow so that I can let you know that Kettle Point #1 will be available in our shop later today. Remember last week when I told you that we were going to play a little game with our new photograph Kettle Point #1? Well, here’s what you need to know:

At 5pm EST today, Tuesday February 16th, 2010, the image Kettle Point #1 will be made available in our shop for the ridiculously low price of $5. Then, when the first print sells the price will go up to $6, when the second print sells the price will raise to $7, and it will continue to increase by $1 for every print sold.

I’m really excited about this, it’s sure to be such fun! Set you clock and stop by our shop tonight!

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