8 Essentials for a Healthy Kitchen

Kitchen Essentials

Darren and I have just finished up a 16 day food detox to help flush out all the junk extras we ate over the holidays and get ourselves back on track with eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s inspired me to share with you some simple and beautiful things that are invaluable to a healthy kitchen.

Kitchen Essentials

  1. Wood cutting board for all the veggie chopping
  2. Measuring cups to get all our ingredient quantities in order
  3. Casserole for winter roasting, we like something beautiful so it can come out of the oven and onto the table
  4. Measuring spoons for adding small amounts of ingredients
  5. Small jars for storing freshly dried herbs
  6. A good, sharp knife, lately I’ve been loving my santoku
  7. Mixing bowls, we broke quite a few in the past year or so never seem have enough and it’s nice to have different sizes
  8. A utensil jar keeps all our wooden spoons at the ready

What are the must have things in your kitchen?

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