Golden Beach, Lake Erie Landscape Photography

Lake Erie Landscape Photography - Golden Beach

Lake Erie Landscape Photography - Golden Beach

Golden Beach, Lake Erie Landscape Photography

I have a love hate relationship with 4am wake up calls. It means going to bed at 9pm if I can and I still need to drag myself out into the darkness in the morning. But when the sun comes up on the beach it makes it all worth while. It was beautiful and quiet in Port Stanley, summer is definitely in the air. Surprisingly lots of people out getting the town ready for summer.

Here’s how my day looked:

4:00 am – wake up call

4:40 am – load car and leave for Port Stanley, gear was packed the night before

5:30 am – arrive at the beach in Port Stanley, set up and begin photographing in pre-sunrise light

6:00 am – sunrise, keep shooting

6:30 am – wrap shoot and head back to the studio

7:20 am – arrive back at the studio and unpack the car

7:30 am – begin downloading and backing up files

8:45 am – breakfast

8:00 am – choose selects, tweak images for colour, contrast, lightness, and darkness, process raw files

10:30 am – caught up on client orders and emails

1:00 pm – retouch

1:30 pm – send test prints to the lab and archive final image

Oh and I just about forgot! A little video from my morning on the beach {if you’re reading via email or RSS you’ll likely need to click through to our blog to see it}:

Where do you dream about spending your spring mornings?

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