Landscape Photographs – Your Favourites in 2012

Winter Tree Photograph - Porcelain nest

1. Porcelain Nest, Peaceful Winter Landscape Photograph

Hi everyone! We’ve been busy combing through my photographs and blog posts to figure out which ones were some of your favourites from the past year so we can give you more of what you want, and it being the beginning of the new year and all it seemed like a perfect time to share with you what was most popular in 2012, so here goes.

Popular Photographs in 2012

Toronto Landscape Photography - Lake Ontario #3

2. Lake Ontario #3, Toronto Landscape Photograph

Urban Photography - Shopping Cart

3. Shopping Cart, Urban Photograph

Minimalist Photograph - Ipperwash #2

4. Ipperwash #2, Minimalist Seascape Photograph

Exhale, Seascape Photograph

5. Exhale, Minimalist Landscape Photograph

Popular Posts in 2012


1. Hanging Pictures in a Stairway {By far the most popular post I’ve ever written}

How to hang pictures in a stairway

2. How to Hang Pictures in a Stairway Like Ikea {Holding strong from last year}

June 2012 Calendar

3. June 2012 Desktop Calendar

standard artwork frame sizes

4. Standard Artwork Frame Sizes

Pottery Barn Photo Wall Design

5. Hanging Pictures Like Pottery Barn {Also from the 2011 list, and very popular with the Pinterest crowd}

What are your favourite photographs from last year? Favourite blog posts? What would you like to see more of? Or less? What are the questions you have about hanging pictures?

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