Landscape Photography – A Foggy Season in London

Fog Landscape Photography - Morning Delight

Morning Delight, Landscape Photography

This winter has certainly been a rough go for minimalist tree photographs, we’ll get a dumping of snow then it warms up the next day and the bulk of it disappears. So my choices are no visibility and poor road conditions or patchy snow that doesn’t do much to hide the grass or the background.

Fog Landscape Photography - Unbridled Wonder

Unbridled Wonder, Landscape Photography

{You may recognize Unbridled Wonder from our March 2013 Desktop Calendar, if you haven’t downloaded yours yet you can do so here.}

Fog Landscape Photography - Orchard Fog

Orchard Fog, Landscape Photography

Fog Landscape Photography - Fledgling

Fledgling, Landscape Photography

Fog Landscape Photography - Vanilla Dream, Autumn Fog

Vanilla Dream, Autumn Fog, Landscape Photography

So I’m left to play in the fog, which we’ve had quite a bit of. It makes driving visibility terrible for getting to locations but at least the roads tend to be dry. I click to the Weather Network each morning to see the prospects for the coming days and snow still seems like a distant dream.

What do you think? Do you still prefer my Winter Tree Photographs? Or is the style too distinctly different that they can’t even be compared? And how do you like the black and white? Too eerie?

1 thoughts on “Landscape Photography – A Foggy Season in London

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Jennifer + Darren!

    I adore ALL of your trees! The one that touches me though, is Fledgling!

    It speaks to me of the promise of spring…like it is starting out thin and scrawny, but it will grow into a tall, strong tree full of life by next winter!! 8*)

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