Landscape Photography – Finger Point

Landscape Photography - Finger Point

Landscape Photography - Finger

Finger Point, Landscape Photography

It was a warm August evening when we emerged from the wooded trail out onto the stunning pink rock of the Canadian Shield at Finger Point. Gorgeous! People were basking in the glory of the unofficial last days of summer – frisbee on the beach, splashing in the water, stretched out on the warmth of the rock, and sharing food and wine with family and friends at Finger Point.

This completes my Beausoleil Island image collection, pretty amazing place huh? If you ever get a chance you should definitely visit. We have many more photographs to share with you though, a few landscapes from Newfoundland and some images of autumn’s fog. So stay tuned!

Have you enjoyed our Beausoleil Island photographs? Which are your most favourite? What is it that you like about them?

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