Into The Unknown

Landscape Photography - Lake Huron - Into The Unknown
Landscape Photography - Lake Huron - Into The Unknown
Into The Unknown, Landscape Photography

It was way too early when the alarm went off at 3:15 am the morning of my Lake Huron Location Scout. But I’d figured if I was driving up that way I might as well get up early to make a seascape photograph while I was at it. I packed my gear the night before to make things a bit easier, all I had to do was load it into the car.

The drive up to Kettle Point was fantastically uneventful, though I did see four rabbits which is always nice. I kept looking off to the east and I had an uneasy feeling, the sky seemed too bright. Was I going to make it to the beach in time? Here’s how my morning looked:

3:15 am – wake up call

4:00 am – load the car and leave for Kettle Point, gear was packed the night before

5:00 am – arrive at the Kettle Point beach, set up and begin photographing in pre-sunrise light

5:47 am – sunrise, wrap shoot and continue on my location scout

It turns out that this time of year the sun is pretty far north. So much so that when I was at Kettle Point I could practically watch it rise over Lake Huron.

Landscape Photography - Lake Huron - Kettle Point Sunrise Map

So instead of rising behind a land mass and buying me some time filled with beautiful soft light, it rose shining it’s harsh morning rays right on my rocks. Luckily I was familiar enough with the location I was able to make a photograph before things brightened up too much, but the timing was a little too close for my comfort. Next time I’ll have to pay closer attention to where the sun will be rising and maybe even get up extra early.

And if you haven’t yet, you should definitely download our July 2013 Desktop Calendar, especially since it stars Into The Unknown.

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