Large Wall Art Above the Sofa

Large Wall Art Above Sofa - Horizontal

Large Wall Art Above Sofa - Horizontal

After writing about what size art to hang above the bed I thought it would be nice to share with you some large wall art sizes for above the sofa.  Every home is different and what looks great in one won’t necessarily work in another, so I definitely recommend starting out by hanging up sheets of paper cut to size to see what you like best.

Either way the wall behind the couch is a wide space that people usually underestimate the size of, so lets have a look at some visuals to give you some ideas.

Large Wall Art Above Sofa - Vertical

The couch shown here is about 84 inches long, which is pretty standard for a three seater. I’ve put together a couple different looks depending on the type of art you’d like to use. The images on the left show art without a mat, like one of the wrapped canvases we sell in our shop, and on the right you’ll see photographs in standard frame sizes with mats. Framing is a good way to add a smidgeon of noncommittal architectural detail and it’s an easy way to cheat a small image into seeming a bit bigger.

Large Wall Art Above Sofa Large Wall Art Above Sofa

So what size do you like for above this sofa? Do you prefer the timeless look of a matted and framed piece or the clean simplicity of an unframed canvas? Which other places in your home are you struggling with art sizes?

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